Productivity Is Overrated

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“To be or not to be, that is the question”.

This, possibly the most famous line from Shakespeare ever.

With this line, he is asking a question I’ve often asked myself before “Is life worth living, or do I make the choice to consciously die? Why don’t more people make the choice to consciously die?”

However, for many of us (who thankfully are not on the brink of suicide), a better question to ask ourselves is: “HOW to be or not to be” in our own lives.

Do you want to be a human being that is always DOING, and therefore hardly BE-ing?

Are you happy being a human is who always so focussed on doing, doing, doing?

Because if you are a human DOING your entire life, it will take you away from who you really are, distract you from any pain inside, and could very well ultimately end in emptiness.

But being a human BEING?

It takes courage.


Because it’s much easier to DO things, than to just simply BE.

I mean, ever tried sitting alone in silence, with no phone, no TV, no music, no noise, no distractions? Just you & your crazy whizzing thoughts?

Exactly. Most people would rather stick a fork in their eyes.

So when you dare to begin to be, instead of relentlessly focussing on doing, on being productive, you will begin to find a depth inside of you. A comfort you slip into, like soft, well worn winter slipper’s on a chilly night.

The comfort of being, and being comfortable with not always doing stuff & being ‘productive’ – bring’s it own rewards.

The comfort of simply being comfortable with just being, will warmly embrace you like a missed lover.

And no one can ever take that from you.

“HOW to be or NOT to be at all” – that is the REAL QUESTION now, isn’t it?


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