The One Skill We Are All Missing

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It’s 8am, & a stealthy shadow appears near me as I enter the kitchen.

I am hard pressed getting the sleep from my eyes and straightening out my stiff and sore muscles when a horrible sound pierces my ears.

It’s a desperate, inhumane sound erupting from a black, fluffy ball who weaves in between my legs, leaps on forbidden bench & table tops with a single bound, & demands attention at all costs. I am tripped up & tripped over. My quiet morning has been ruined by the ambush of one determined creature. Suppressing a groan, I check the status of her bowl. Irritation creeps up into me, when I see her bowls are perfectly clean, and filled with water and edible biscuits. (Dry food, they call it. Nothing fancy, but it does the job). 

Apparently not.

I flash back to the night before. Fuzzily, I recall an identical ambush at 3am, when I rose for a toilet stop. Except this time she had blended perfectly into the darkness, & I was startled to feel hairy fluff against my leg as I sat on the toilet.

Seriously, there is no toddler in the world at any checkout that can rival my cat’s persistence & insistence. 

Her insistence that what she has just isn’t good enough.

Her persistence in knowing what’s right for her, just at this moment. 

It seems a black fluffy hairball has the formula for life!

  1. The ability to harness emotions whenimportant matters in life are not addressed. (In this case, a bowl of wet food). 
  2. The persistence to keep going when things are looking grave. And repeat and repeat.
  3. And most of all, the discernment to know when the hell to insist for better – and when to leave things alone, slinking away with tail between legs. 

She knows what’s important, & what isn’t.

You see, always insisting  & striving for better in every area of your life – makes you a controlling perfectionist, neurotic and unhappy.

But insisting for only the best treatment in the vital areas of life? Keeps you out of abusive relationships, being taken advantage of, and getting ripped off.

I know I could have saved myself loads of heartache and wrong turn’s into the many cul-de sacs (aka dead ends ) of life- had I possessed the skill of discernment. The shoddy partners I choose when I had my pick, financial investments, miracle diets to makeover my health, saying Yes with your mouth when your body screams No, thinking intuition was speaking to me, when really it was my fearful thoughts that had snuck in the back door!

It seems discernment is an invaluable muscle that needs to be strengthened as often as possible, especially with the amount of resources & choice I am faced with.

 As Seth Godin askes – do you know when to stay, and when to walk away?

What challenges are worth it to you?

And so every day in tiny ways, I continue to hone my discernment skills, chipping away like waves lapping up to a sand dune.

And as I begrudgingly empty wet food into Sassy’s bowl for breakfast, I am reminded: I’ve still got a lot to learn.

From a cat. 



The One Skill We Are All Missing

It’s 8am, & a stealthy shadow appears near me as I enter the kitchen.

I am hard pressed getting the sleep from my eyes and straightening out my stiff and sore muscles when a horrible sound pierces my ears.

It’s a desperate, inhumane sound

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  1. Anne

    When to stay and when to walk away. Wish I had known this earlier in my life.

  2. Tim

    I used to think every challenge was worth it, as I liked a challenge. Now I am older, I need to choose my challenges more wisely.

  3. Tania

    Yes I think I have been confused many a time in my life. Better that we all get clear about things. I always thought making a choice and sticking to it was the right way to go. But now I realise I didn’t have a framework or path for how to make that choice in the first place.

  4. Sally

    Sounds like your cat is pretty funny!


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