My name is Angela.

It’s taken me 7 years (& several website iterations) to finally get here.

What happened in between?


Health challenges, breakups, pain killer’s, hospitals, money problems, mortgages, betrayals, death, confusion, overwhelm, impatience & pain.

If I had listened to my gut (or even recognised it was talking) I would have made it here a whole lot sooner. Instead, I was busy copying everyone else on the internet & following every formula, template & the ‘rules’ for how to ‘get there’.

I didn’t trust myself.

I watered myself down.

And I was forever in a hurry.

I understand now, that life will always feel like an everlasting treadmill, & a merry go round of discontent – unless?

I regularly tap into the deeper Essence of life, by looking within myself, listening to my gut, & never copying anyone else.

And me? Well, I can tell you that:

  • I love to be alone
  • I am curious about everything
  • I salivate over the sky (and nature) like it’s a krispy kreme donut
  • I already have the music planned for my funeral
  • Some people treasure photos, but I like to collect handwriting samples from people

And you?

If you can appreciate that:

– there are many paths to the truth
– that every human is unique, and;
– that there IS more to life that what simply meets the eye

then The Art of Life is for you.

(Oh, and bonus points to you if you believe that sleep is the greatest drug, ever!)

Glad you made it here!

Writing is chicken

soup for my soul.

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